Avoiding the White Elephant

The white elephant of our dreams has a large gravitational pull, but with much persistence we can learn to step around him. It’s crowded out there in his orbiting bodies. We’ve surrounded ourselves with the trappings of the dream:  books and tapes on how to achieve the dream, rooms of equipment to equip us to carry out the dream, even clothes hanging in the closet to make us look as if we’re living the dream. This pachyderm taking up so much space is hungry and loud, but we can look the other way as we do our merry-go-round dance. After all, there are other things to do in life:  watching daffodils grow, riding herd on the relatives, going to that place called work or (gasp) even clean the house around the white elephant. Sounds like an awful lot of work though. Maybe I should face the creature – break down and strap on my athletic shoes and just do it:  follow the dream. But where will I find the time and energy to do it?  Maybe the same place I found the time and energy to avoid it.

Teresa Berryhill

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