The Path at the Edge of the Sea


God said, “This is My path for you. 

   It will take you far and wide. 

Will you walk the road I give

   and trust Me with your life?”

“But Lord,” I said, “Where could it lead?

   The path ends at the edge of the sea.”

“My child,” He said “You’ve not reached the end;

   just trust yourself to Me.”

I walked the long and difficult road,

   and watched the horizon to see,

Would bridge or boat be waiting

   at the end of the road for me?

I came to the shore and stood on the beach,

   no boat or bridge in sight.

“Lord I followed the path you gave,

   trusting with all my might

That you would make a way for me,

   yet here I stand tonight;

With neither boat nor bridge

   to cross the ocean wide.”

Tears fell across my face,

   my heart broken to see

That I had trusted in my God

  and He had forgotten me.

Then I saw my Savior,

   His hand stretched out to me;

“Do not doubt our Father’s heart,”

  He spoke so patiently,

“Come beloved and I will teach you

  how to walk upon the sea.”



I am first a Christian, then a wife and mom, a church administrator, Bible study teacher, speaker and writer. My heart's desire is to know God and make Him known.

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